Pikachu is one of the many childhood friends of Mudkip and is a member of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team. She is the daughter of Raichu and the older sister of Pichu.

History Edit

Pikachu is the oldest of two Pokemon having an annoying little sister who is a Pichu. She is often put in charge of looking after Pichu and keeping her safe from bad Pokemon. A couple of times, Pichu has been kidnapped for ransom or held hostage by bad Pokemon since she and Pikachu are from a rich Pokemon family their father leaving them all of the money after he died.

Personality Edit

Due to having an annoying little sister who is a Pichu, Pikachu can be kind of a brat sometimes and doesn't think before she speaks, but she is a very friendly Pokemon who cares for her baby sister and her friends and will stop at nothing to keep them safe.

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